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Granville Island Treatery

Dog Treats

Granville Island Treatery

Functional Biscuits
Our homeopathic Nutra Bites™ have been developed by homeopathic veterinarians, herbalists, and nutrition experts. Our Nutra Bites™ and Soft & Chewy functional treats promote good health across a range of health issues.
– Gasp! My Breath is Stinky
– Love Me Longer (Boost my Immunity)
– Help, My Joints are Stiff
– and more…

Dog Treats
Soft & Chewy
Our Soft & Chewy treats can be used for a variety of reasons—and for a variety of dogs.
– Pocket-size training treats
– Perfect for puppies as a reward during training sessions
– Faster and easier for your dog to eat than crunchy treats
– Small treats go a long way when inserted into toys & puzzles
– Have a stronger smell, which can help keep your dog’s attention during training
– Helpful for senior dogs or those with dental issues who can’t chew hard, crunchy treats
– Contains zero rendered meats, grains, preservatives, antibiotics, artificial colours and flavours. Yup, we’re serious about health.

Dog Treats
Freeze Dried
Our delicious freeze dried treats go through a low temperature freeze-drying process that locks in the flavours and nutrients. Dried while raw the taste is irresistible to dogs. Our freeze dried treats are perfect for training. Our ingredients are sourced from Canadian farms and processed in federally inspected plants.We use no fillers, artificial flavourings or preservatives in the making of our treats. Our treats are freeze dried over a long period of time and almost all the moisture is removed allowing the treats to remain in perfect condition for over 2 years.