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Big Country Raw

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Big Country Raw

Get started by choosing a meal type best suited for your dog or puppy. We have three meal types for you to choose from – learn more about our meals below.

A complete NRC meal for dogs and puppies! Each meal is a blend of lean muscle meats, finely ground bone, organ meats, fruit and vegetables and various greens. Raw feeding has never been simpler!

Signature Blends
Our Signature Blend Recipes are made up of a blend of 3 proteins for optimal nutrition. These recipes do not contain any fruits or vegetables, making them a great option for both dogs and cats with allergies.

Pure Formulas
These single protein meal options are recommended for both dogs and cats with fruit and vegetable sensitivities. Available in popular proteins such as chicken and beef, as well as novel proteins including rabbit and kangaroo, there’s an option for every picky eater!

Raw Bones
Feed them like nature intended, and you won’t have tartar build up or stinky breath!
Dental health is a huge concern for dog owners. Toss away those useless green “toothbrushes” – your dog was born to chew raw bones!

Large Flat Rib Bone
Best selling raw meaty bone. Perfect for puppies to adult dogs, with lots of meat on the rib, this is a ripping and tearing bone that is a great physical and mental workout for your dog.

Turkey Necks
Hormone & Antibiotic Free Free Range Turkey Low in Fat Good for big dogs and serious chewers Excellent Dental Benefit Good physical and mental exercise Raw Meaty Bones can make up 30% of entire diet.